Printing Hub

Printing Hub


Olivetti’s Printing Hub solution is a web-based platform designed for print management. The solution allows creation of rules for printing, copying and scanning from company devices, so as to ensure more efficient control of costs.

Printing Hub provides accounting for copies produced per user, per department and per workgroup. The solution allows greater efficiency in the workplace through the Universal Printing Driver and the possibility of printing a document simultaneously on multiple devices, including Mobile devices (Android and IOS) .

The security of documents printed in the company is assured thanks to Print&Follow mode that allows the device to release the file for printing only after authentication by the user directly from the MFP.


Printing Hub Accounting Managment allows the printing activity of single users or user groups to be monitored, and limits set, in relation to a given printer or printer group, on the basis of permissions such as:


With regard to cost centers, it is possible to carry out these operations:

  • Print parameter rules: allow/deny/force duplex printing, colour printing, stapling, sheet orientation, print job divisions, finishing side.
  • Paper size usage rules: Allow or deny use of the following paper sizes: A0, A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, Letter, Legal, Ledger, Tabloid, Folio, B4, B5, B6.
  • Paper media usage rules: Allow or deny use of the following paper types: Plain, Glossy, Preprinted, Labels, Special, Recycled, Envelope, Untreated, Letterhead, Coloured, Perforated, Card.
  • Print quota rules: Set print quotas per user or group, based on numeric or economic criteria.
  • Create cost centers, associating specific users and groups with it.
  • Assign specific printing parameter permissions for each cost center (allow/deny/force duplex, colour printing, stapling, sheet orientation, print job separations, finishing side).
  • Set limits for printing in colour and black & white for each cost center.

For all printer jobs executed by the system, you can obtain reports indicating associated costs. Virtual contracts can be set up on printing devices, associating costs for printing, rental and servicing.


One of the key features of the Printing Hub solution
is the universal print driver that provides a single interface, the Admin and Accounting panel, for managing all printers and related policies. Other software products often use drivers in their basic version, as supplied by the manufacturer, that in effect slow down printer operation.

Printing Hub, on the other hand, has a self-installing print driver that is compatible with all printers and provides an easy-to-use interface.


Print&Follow printing simplifies workflow reducing to a minimum unnecessary printing, providing protection for confidential documents and increasing user productivity. The Print&Follow feature ensures that users print only the content they actually need, preventing unnecessary printing and resulting waste. It also helps protect the confidentiality of documents by allowing printing only after the user has authenticated themselves on the printing device using their badge, credentials or PIN. Print&Follow creates a virtual environment for printing in which users can move and print in security, when and where needed, irrespective of actual geographical location. If a printing device fails or is out-of-order, this situation no longer impacts user productivity: FollowMe printing allows the user to move simply to another device and execute their print jobs.


The Printing Hub Mobile application allows a mobile device (iOS or Android) to connect wirelessly to compatible printing devices on the local network. Once connected, it is possible to:


Another way of managing MFP users is through credit top ups. In this case, users are not assigned a number of copies that gradually diminishes as printer jobs are executed, but a credit amount that diminishes

as each job is sent to the printer. In this way, it is possible to implement a rechargeable credit for each user, configuring sales prices for prints, copies and scans. Once you have configured the user, their credit amount and sales prices, the user is able to access the multifunction for which they are enabled after authentication, and execute printer jobs. Costs are detracted from their credit amount according to use.

  • Print photos and documents stored on the mobile device or on a supported external service.
  • Scan documents on a compatible printing device with saving to mobile device or supported external service
  • Send documents via e mail
  • Print web pages accessedthroughawebbrowser embedded in the app
  • The Printing Hub Mobile app can be downloaded free from Android and IOS App Stores.


Printer reports show details of the jobs run on each printer. Data can be filtered by User Group, Printer Group or location data. In more detail, the reporting functions are:

  • User reports: Reports on print jobs executed per single user or per user group. Data displayed filtered by date, exported in Excel format, CSV.
  • Printer reports: Reports on print jobs run for each single printer or printer group. Data shown filtered by date, exported in Excel format, CSV.
  • Cost Center reports: Reports on print jobs run by cost centers. Data shown filtered by date and by single user of each cost center. Data displayed graphically, exported in Excel format, CSV.

Virtual locations can be configured, subdivided into Site, Building, Floor and Dept with data displayed on the basis of these subdivisions.

Reports can be shared via email with automated sending by defining a daily, weekly or monthly schedule.



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