3D Printing Olivetti

3D Printing Olivetti

Olivetti 3D Printers: technology for creating your prototypes 

Olivetti 3D Printers: technology for creating your prototypes. 3D printing when applied to prototyping represents the ideal solution for creating models in design and industrial fields. When a 3D drawing of a new product or component is ready, the Company is free to proceed immediately to the initial product prototyping phase, analysing technical and dimensional aspects, evaluating aesthetic criteria and carrying out any further performance testing necessary.


Olivetti 3D S2 show details

The ideal product for professional use.
High performance, reliability and flexibility in creating objects with a wide range of thermoplastic materials.
Thanks to its technical characteristics and the guarantee of an Italian brand always at the forefront in ICT, S2 is the ideal answer to the companies needs - particularly to SMEs - involved in the transformation process towards the digital factory.


Olivetti 3D IoT show details

3D printing goes connected!
The Olivetti 3D IoT goes connected allowing remote monitoring and control in real-time, enhancing safety and access. Not only, it offers also advanced innovative solutions for automatically managing power failures and end-of-filament conditions, a touch screen graphic icon interface and a printing surface providing equally optimal adherence and easy removal of printed objects.
Printing precision, speed and safety make the 3D IoT the ideal choice for those operating in the professional and designer world, providing a reliable, high-performance tool with the power to free the imagination and turn ideas into reality.


Olivetti 3D DESK show details

A professional printer for use in classrooms!
The 3D DESK printer is specially designed for schools, universities and professional practices requiring a compact 3D printer with optimal levels of performance and reliability.