Machine to Machine

Machine to Machine

M2M SIMs allow any “object” to be connected easily to the network and transformed into an “intelligent” device able to exchange its own, collected and/or processed information.
M2M solutions can be put to use in a vast number of fields. Take, as an example, household appliances capable of regulating their own operation according to energy costs, vending machines able to request refilling on the basis of the number of items dispensed, or sensors used in agriculture for monitoring micro-environmental conditions and providing irrigation control.
M2M solutions offered include managed connectivity services over Telecom Italia networks, dedicated devices (modems, routers, modules and SIMs) and vertical applications hosted on the Telecom Italia Cloud.

Managed Connectivity show details

Managed connectivity services include a vast choice of formulas and tariff options created specially for M2M applications, featuring high levels of interactivity and low content data transmissions combined with a SIM management service for increasingly efficient company asset management.


Dedicated devices show details

M2M devices can be viewed as distributed systems of digital objects with communications capabilities and computational intelligence for performing various types of functions: sensorial, command execution (control), data collection (monitoring).