Vending Automation

Vending Automation

Vending Automation comprises of a telemetry system that, exploiting the Network (mobile, Wi-Fi, 186MHz, zig-be, etc.) can be used to manage remotely automatic dispensers of consumer goods in a given geographical area practically and efficiently.


To provide this service, the vending machines have a memory card, which serves for recording and processing the consumption data, and a data module (normally 2G-3G with a M2M TIM SIM) for communicating with the management application normally resident on a centralised server.

With the telemetry system configured in this way it is possible to:

  • collect information on goods dispensed in real-time or almost real-time
  • monitor the device operating status, detecting promptly any potential problems
  • detect when the vending machines must be refilled
  • prevent any potential fraudulent behaviour by third-parties
  • identify where the vending machines is located at any moment


For this field of application, the role of Olivetti is supplier of End-To-End Solutions including all service components and Service Level Agreements drawn up with the Customer.

The solution is based on the Sensor Enabling Platform (SEP), a highly scalable architecture that can be used to connect a large number of sensors, removing intermediation of the sensor’s intrinsic functions from the Customer application. The result of this ‘total system approach’ is that if the sensor system or even the configuration topology needs to be upgraded there is no impact on the Customer solution, which is guaranteed to be flexible, robust and long lasting.


Using SEP has many advantages:

  • independence of applications from sensors used with reductions in costs and time-to-market
  • ready for Business Analytics functionalities
  • horizontal scalability (according to application requirements)
  • reliability and security (data centre with ISO27001 certification and STAR accreditation)


The Vending Automation solution provides the company with a number of tangible benefits, which are summarised in the following points:

  • Optimisation of management costs (remote firmware updating, targeted refilling, fault alerts)
  • Improvement of marketing intelligence (consumption data available in real-time )
  • Evolution towards Pay-Per-Use models (consumption monitoring in real-time)
  • Fraud fighting measures to guarantee the quality of the product dispensed (customer certainty that the product dispensed by the vending machine is actually one that the machine can supply)


The offer is aimed at:

  • Distributors
  • Coffee manufacturers
  • Vending machine manufacturers


Key solution features:

  • Asset management of SIMs used;
  • Automatic ordering and differentiated logistic management of new SIM batches;
  • Real-time activation of new SIM cards;
  • Activation of APN filters for fraud prevention;
  • Real-time activation of traffic and device information thresholds for data traffic and SMS;
  • SIM-IMEI control policy (for fraud prevention, forced coupling of SIM with Telemetry Module);
  • Monitoring of traffic performance with respect to threshold settings.
  • Geo-localisation
  • Sensor Enabling Platform running on the Cloud for managing sensors and objects connected and for collecting data transmitted;

A management application and GUI customised according to the requirements of the Customer.


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