Smart Farm

Smart Farm

What is Smart Farm?

Smart Farm is the solution designed to help farmers keep control of environmental parameters influencing plant yields and quality in the simplest way.

Smart Farm App

Smart Farm is the professional b2b(2c) application supporting all phases of a product’s life cycle, based on the classic IoT service model: collection of information generated by sensors, Cloud transmission and provision of real-time and historical data, also the possibility of post-processing data by applying Business Intelligence & Analytics models to assist decisional procedures

Yield and quality

The application is used to monitor and control factors determining plant growth with the goal of boosting yields and curtailing losses resulting from disease and/or extreme weather conditions. As a result, harvesting can be better planned and optimised, certain of achieving desired standards in terms of quality and quantity.

Cost savings

Smart Farm allows optimisation in the use of resources (plant protection products, fertilisers, water) with reductions in environmental impacts and economical savings that, in turn  can be used to pay off investments made, reducing timeframes. The Smart Farm service can also benefit from the tax relief provided for in the Italian Industry 4.0 scheme.


The architecture of the Smart Farm service focuses on total flexibility, allowing sensors to be modified or added at any time. Also the availability of a vast catalogue of sensors and actuators means that additional services can be enabled easily allowing, for example, photovoltaic systems to be monitored or irrigation systems automated.

How Smart Farm works

Smart Farm is a “turnkey” solution that includes all the service components


The Smart Farm application aims to provide users with the best experience regardless of device type, also mobile. From the intuitive-to-use dashboard, factors determining plant health such as irrigation requirements and weather conditions can be monitored in real-time, allowing precise timely interventions to be carried out, according to necessity.

Wireless Sensor Network

The Smart Farm service boasts an extremely rich catalogue of field sensors that is continually evolving to satisfy the majority of monitoring requirements. Further, built on an IoT platform, it has the capacity to integrate any kind of sensor and handle data coming also from other types of source (such as satellites and drones).

Olivetti M2M Connectivity

The Olivetti M2M service, running over the TIM network, comes fully ready and configured with the connectivity component required by the sensor system for dialoguing with the application. This relieves the customer of the need to subscribe to ad hoc contracts with telco operators, avoiding the risk of incurring bundle excess charges.

Help Desk Olivetti

Customers are invited to contact the Olivetti Service Desk using e-mail address for any information or service support requirements.  The One Stop Shopping approach allows Olivetti to share experiences acquired through its customer contacts, providing benefits for all.

Why use Smart Farm

Smart Farm is a solution within the precision agriculture category, extending to include Smart Farming systems. In the latter, information is shared with all actors in the agro-food chain, creating added-value down the whole chain and so improving competitivity in the sector


The Smart Farm system allows harvest quantity and quality to be maintained constant through the continuous monitoring of temperature and humidity levels that influence plant growth and health. Alerts are sent when there is risk of a plant entering a state of dehydration stress that could slow growth, a plant absorbs too great a volume of water risking root rot, excessive plant vigour could limit the development of fruit buds.

Monitoring and alert functionalities can be further enhanced by a process enabling all works carried out on farming products to be tracked. The life cycle of farm produce can be verified, guaranteeing authenticity and certifying that no harmful substances have been applied, and that the product has not been altered or counterfeited in any way. This, as a result, can allow the Made in Italy label to acquire maximum credibility in world markets.

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