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Sintesi - Unica

Sintesi - Unica

Unica is the workstation designed to make smart working truly smart.

Olivetti—a digital company for the Group’s IoT solutions TIM—and Tecno have created the first intelligent workstation for home and office. From a collaborative project between the two companies, combining their expertise in the Internet of Things, comes SINTESI, an innovative solution that makes working from home or in the office an integrated and connected experience, designed to meet the need for a new balance in daily life.

In perfect harmony with the Olivetti and Tecno tradition, the project is highly innovative in terms of concept and product. SINTESI interprets the working environment in the most up-to-date way, anticipating future needs.

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SUMMARY - The work+life ecosystem

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Sintesi is the ultimate solution for making work a fluid, integrated experience that respects people’s well-being, whether working from home or in the office.

Everything is made possible thanks to the SINTESI App and software platform, which can digitise buildings, services and furnishings to make them easily usable and controllable. 

The app also allows you to manage UNICA, the ideal workstation for working from home in maximum comfort and with maximum productivity, thanks also to the matching smart chair that always guarantees the right ergonomics and, using responsive mechanisms, monitors your position and helps you reduce fatigue due to inactivity.

Compact and essential when closed, it opens with a motorised mechanism that can be activated by special controls or by the app, revealing the worktop and the latest-generation monitor which, as well as providing sharp images, will not tire your eyes.

Integration between the software platform, the app and the hardware device is enabled by the Olivetti Universal Gateway, housed in UNICA, which makes the solution ‘smart’ and makes it possible to manage numerous functions. The workstation can also be made to communicate with company headquarters, centralised servers or shared platforms.

Autonomous, safe and fast

With UNICA, you can work without depending on your home Internet connection, autonomously and securely, with speeds up to 5G, simply by using the integrated connection on the TIM network.

You can move Unica from room to room without having to switch it off and without losing your work when there is a power outage. Thanks to the integrated emergency battery, which lasts up to 15 minutes, you will always have the power you need.

Maximum visual comfort

UNICA includes a light that changes from cool to warm according to the work you are doing and an ambient light that adapts to different times of the day, following the circadian cycle.




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