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Managed connectivity services include a vast choice of formulas and tariff options created specially for M2M applications, featuring high levels of interactivity and low content data transmissions combined with a SIM management service for increasingly efficient company asset management.

The Connectivity provided by the TI mobile network guarantees optimal performance in terms of transmission delays and packet loss, these being essential for M2M applications with high levels of interactivity.

M2M formulas have the great advantage of being exempt from the Government Franching tax and are specially designed for all applications that need to use specifically packet/circuit-switched data traffic and SMS.

M2M formulas of S-CALL-type are also enabled for carrying telephony traffic but only towards special numbers for receiving emergency calls or notifying of failures/malfunctioning of the systems on which they are installed, such as: lifts and elevators, road-side SOS towers, safety equipment installed on cars.

The data options allow the various different consumption requirements to be satisfied in a flexible, scalable way, while at the same time guaranteeing certainty in terms of costs through bundling type formulas.



M2M SMART is the first integrated solution for SIM, TRAFFIC and MANAGEMENT PLATFORM allowing companies to manage their M2M SIM resources flexibly and efficiently.

M2M SMART  is based on the CISCO Jasper platform, integrated directly and connected with the TIM mobile network.

M2M SMART has specific features that it make highly competitive with respect to other market solutions, both in terms of functionality and price: basic solutions include a wide range of mutually compatible bundles (packet-switched data and telephony for the S-CALL service). The customer can also combine these solutions with other optional SMS services and with circuit-switched data traffic (here also different sized bundles are available), chosen according to personal requirements.

As a result of these features, the solution meets the demands of businesses operating at national level (also when SIM management is delocalised to other countries through Roaming tariff plans) and internationally, over thirty Operators having adopted the same platform and so guaranteeing the same service quality level as that provided by local control centres.

Offer Components are:

- dedicated M2M SIM (minimum number 20) of different types and formats (for example SIM on chip);

- Basic formulas: Telephony and/or packet-switched data bundle;

- Optional services: Circuit-switched data traffic (CSD) and/or SMS bundle

Both the basic formula and the optional services are available in various sizes and can be combined freely by the customer according to their requirements. Moreover, these formulas/options are based on the “share of wallet” mechanism, signifying that each bundle for an M2M line contributes towards constructing a unique bundle to which all SIMs subscribing to the same option belong. As a result, any excesses incurred by the single bundle on a line is absorbed by the lower traffic on the other M2M lines, the only limit being the maximum traffic size available.

- Control Centre, the web console supplied to each customer for controlling SIM management features.

The solution is completed by dedicated connectivity services (APN, VPN, traffic filtering rules, etc.).

The offer is valid for national use and in roaming


The principal functionalities of the Control Centre are:

  • SIM Inventory management: self-provisioning and one-shot mass activations, total management of M2M SIM life cycle, “test mode” adaptable to customer requirements, logistics service with single order tracking;
  • Real-time monitoring: displaying of consumption according to traffic type, controlling of main parameters for data session (volumes, duration, IP addresses, etc.), auto-diagnostics tools;
  • Rules and automatic controls: cost control, alert management, traffic suspension, tariff plan modification, fraud prevention service for consumption thresholds, scheduled maintenance automatic control;
  • Billing & invoicing: possibility to associate, completely autonomously, subscriptions to M2M SIM tariff plans, display online invoice details, manage flexibly Roaming tariff plans;
  • API (Application Programming Interface): for interfacing platform functionalities with specific customer applications.