IoT & Big Data for the Green Deal

In the context of green energy, many European leading energy suppliers have expressed the need to enable this process with innovative solutions.

The data collected is transferred to a central server that executes special load disaggregation algorithms, analyzes data to identify consumption for the single device used at home and provides customized reports.

Smart City projects develop innovative solutions to support economic growth of the city and address the challenge of supporting sustainable growth without exceeding the capacity of the infrastructure, whilst also meeting key city objectives like carbon footprint reduction such as Digital Waste Management.

The emergence of disruptive technologies means existing business process and traditional operations will have to change and transform, but the same is also fostering evolution of newer business opportunities like the whole ecosystem that has emerged around IoT, Big data and ‘Appification’.

For example Olivetti has developed digital platform for the real-time management of the public lighting infrastructure of the Smart Cities. Moreover a cloud-based solutions allows the development of IoT solutions such as remote management of heterogeneous Smart Objects (sensors, actuators, modules) not tied to specific communications protocols or networks for connection to the service platform.

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M2M SIMs allow any “object” to be connected easily to the network and transformed into an “intelligent” device able to exchange its own, collected and/or processed information. M2M solutions can be put to use in a vast number of fields. Take, as an example, household appliances capable of regulating their own operation according to energy costs, vending machines able to request refilling on the basis of the number of items dispensed, or sensors used in agriculture for monitoring micro-environmental conditions and providing irrigation control.
M2M solutions offered include managed connectivity services over Telecom Italia networks, dedicated devices (modems, routers, modules and SIMs) and vertical applications hosted on the Telecom Italia Cloud.

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Olivetti has developed an End-To-End solution for managing Vending Machines in the different reference sectors (coffee machines, automatic snack/drink dispensers etc.). From a remote terminal it is possible to identify the machine’s location, monitor its operation, obtain real-time consumption data and execute any firmware updates necessary.

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Data management as tool of Business and relationship between company and customer.