Vertical Offers

Vertical Offers

Olivetti has developed an End-To-End solution for managing Vending Machines in the different reference sectors (coffee machines, automatic snack/drink dispensers etc.). From a remote terminal it is possible to identify the machine’s location, monitor its operation, obtain real-time consumption data and execute any firmware updates necessary.

Smart Metering show details

This solution, based on the use of Capillary Networks, allows optimisation of management costs associated with distribution networks, as well as a number of other tangible benefits including real-time monitoring of consumption and flows/losses in a system, with consequent fraud reductions.


Smart Lighting show details

Plan sustainable, innovative, economic growth exploiting the virtual world of mobile services, Internet of Things and social networks to interact with the technical infrastructures of buildings, roads, parks and intelligent utilities.


Smart Industry show details

Olivetti offers itself as a Partner in the transformation “Industry 4.0”, providing its own managed networking solutions, IoT and Big Data platforms and applications for implementing new process logics.


Smart Clean Air show details

An innovative solution for detecting the principal air pollutants and actively treating them until pollution levels are reduced, both in internal and external environments. Environmental and functional parameters are controlled remotely by a specialised application running on an IoT Smart platform. Ideal for industrial environments, offices and factories but also for maintaining air quality in all highly frequented public areas.


Vending Automation show details

Olivetti has developed an End-To-End solution for managing the Vending Machines used typically in a number of reference sectors (coffee, automatic snack/drink dispensers etc.). The solution allows machine locations to be identified, their operation monitored, real-time consumption data collected and firmware updates to be run from remote terminals.


Smart Farm show details

loT Smart Farm is the Olivetti cloud-based solution offering agricultural companies the most appropriate tools for improving management of activities with timely appropriate interventions whenever necessary.