Olivetti campaign for launching the all-Italian 3D printer.

Olivetti introduces its publicity campaign for launching the new S2 3D printer, an entirely Italian production.
The campaign slogan “From today the Future is written with 3D” represents the perfect synthesis of classic Olivetti values with its futuristic ambitions, a throwback to the legendary “The Future is written with an O”: an awareness of the past that is projected seamlessly into the future.
The potentialities of the product are represented in the image, with a strong focus on 3D; the texts explore the elements specific to the target business, reworking the concept of three dimensionality in a totally new, original way, and emphasising the essentially Italian nature of Olivetti.
The campaign, developed together with Etnocom – a partner collaborating with Olivetti principally on BTL communications for the B2B community – will be used on all product presentation and marketing occasions (specialised/digital printing, business fairs, web/social).