Verona is to be one of the first Italian cities to launch experimentation of new-generation “Smart and Interactive City” services. Exploiting innovative NB-IoT (Narrowband-Internet of Things) technology and 5G, these services improve the quality of life of private citizens through solutions for potentiating security, transportation, tourism and territorial promotion initiatives.

These are the principal application areas covered by the agreement signed today between Verona City Council, TIM and AGSM (Verona City Council General Services Company). The objective is to spur digital transformation of the city area, setting a trajectory for Verona to follow based on an “intelligent city” model, leading to the development of innovative services and solutions tailored to satisfy the increasingingly specialised needs of all subjects, whether public or private.

The details of the project - that with the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding has moved into its executive phase - were illustrated by the Mayor of Verona, Federico Sboarina, by TIM North East Sales Manager, Roberto

Collavizza, and by AGSM Verona General Manager, Daniela Ambrosi. The trial project consists of identifying, studying and rendering live ad-hoc initiatives for Smart city services in the area of Verona, developed by TIM in partnership with Olivetti (the Group’s digital centre of excellence), and levering on NB-IoT and 5G technologies, with a particular focus on implementing innovative services, such as:

  • Bus as a Sensor: public transportation vehicles are used over their normal daily routes for monitoring environmenal quality in real time, so as to enable innovative Smart City Internet of Things services to be developed for town administrations and private citizens, through APIs provided by TIM for building new applications and new models of business.
  • Smart Parking: for intelligent management of public car parks through provision of NBIoT (parking space) meters integrable with parking meters and apps for use by car drivers and traffic wardens.
  • Filobus Impact: management service for monitoring and controlling the impact on town traffic arising from the road works for constructing the Filobus through use of Big Data generated by the TIM network and social media analysis.

Further groundbreaking services will be discussed and developed later on with regard to the themes of public safety, tourist flow control, industrial plant telecontrol, remote surveillance, public vehicle management and virtual/augmented video services for promoting tourism, culture and instruction.

The trial scheme is set to be rolled out over a period of two years, terminated with an assessment to determine the possibililty of turning the scheme into reality and extension of the collaboration to include other areas of common interest.

“Once again, Verona is top of the list for a smart city project – underlines Mayor Federico Sboarina – Thanks to the synergy between the City Council, AGSM and TIM, in fact, our town will count amongst the first in Italy to give birth to the digital transformation of its territory. If applied in a diversity of contexts, it will allow a great leap forward in the quality of services we offer to the public. Our smart city model affronts daily life from a functional approach and with a low environmental impact, leading to a City of Verona that is increasingly smart and, consequently, increasingly sustainable.  These new applications, supported by technology, are able to improve the services offered today in the fields of public safety, transportation, tourism, instruction and remote surveillance” .

“TIM is in the forefront of groundbreaking initiatives for renewing Italy’s Country system with particular focus on local development both in terms of ultra-broadband connectivity and digital services  - claims Roberto Collavizza, TIM North East Sales Manager. With this agreement we want to reaffirm our commitment to offering private citizens, PA authorities and businesses, digital solutions for smart cities and for developing the industrial fabric. We aim especially to make available new technologies such as NB-IoT networks, and later 5G, so as to offer second-to-none solutions in terms di performance together with ground-breaking services”.

“For over a century, the AGSM Group is the guiding force behind the evolution of our territory - points out Daniela Ambrosi, the Group’s General Manager - Since 1898 it has sustained the industrial and technological development of   Verona, first with the construction of power plants for electricity supply  - indispensible to industry - then with the laying down of pipelines for natural gas and district heating. During the whole of the Nineteenth century the Group has responded to the increasing demands of its citizens, providing the best solutions. Today we have entered the era of telecommunications and technological installations. AGSM could not but play a critical role. In the past years we have already installed in our territory video surveillance cameras and sensors permitting the control and security of the population, and facilitating the work of our technical support staff. The advent now of NB-Iot networks and 5G will allow us to obtain significant improvements in the monitoring and control of all our systems, with improved security, management and efficiency of the entire system, and assisting further the transformation of Verona into a simple and safe Smart City”.

The goal of the project is to disseminate the use of technological solutions present on the market and foster the growth of Verona, a city strongly projected towards implementing a digital model of society and economy. TIM, in this way, intends to confirm its own vocation placing itself at the centre of the ecosystem for the digital transformation of Italy, recognising digital growth to be the core element for development of a city and its territory from economic, social and cultural points of view.