Olivetti launches WCards onto the Italian market, a digital solution that transforms management of customer communications and loyalty plans in a practical intelligent way.

With WCards, created exclusively for the Retail world, Olivetti maintains its commitment to providing its customers with Digital solutions, following the release last July of the Nettun@ Cloud solution.

Olivetti launches WCards, a new simple effective solution for digital marketing addressing the Small-to-Medium Business segment, and the Retail distribution sector in particular, having the power to strengthen the loyalty of existing customers and reach new ones. Release of the new application onto the Italian market reflects the continuing transformation of the Olivetti digital business model, increasingly oriented towards the development of intelligent products and services for technologically advanced platforms. This innovative solution confirms the Olivetti approach to the Retail world already seen last July with the release of the Nettun@ Cloud solution.

WCards is an intuitive flexible solution usable directly from a smartphone by means of a QR Code and a simple App developed on the Olivetti advanced platform, which can be used for digitising customer loyalty cards enabling targeted coupons and offers to be sent and launching of marketing events and promotions.

WCards moreover permits shop managers to monitor sales promotion performance, understand and analyse common customer behavioural patterns and respond with targeted products and services.

Additionally, the Proximity Marketing function can be used to send customers sales promotions and information when they are in front of or inside the commercial establishment, or near to a specific product. Using Analytics functionalities the customer experience of the interior shop spaces can be understood, and the areas attracting most interest identified.

Apart from offering a service, WCards is built around the concept of creating a real user community so as to make promotion of activities easier and increasing numbers of customers to be reached, obtaining their loyalty with a click.