On the occasion of the G7 Summit scheduled from tomorrow until May 27, within the “Taormina Smart” project, which will cover electric mobility and other initiatives focusing on the environment, Olivetti will show the IoT Smart Clean Air project for air quality monitoring and the reduction of fine dust in very busy areas.

Olivetti, the digital pole of Tim Group, has a very important know-how in the Industry 4.0, and Smart Clean Air is an example of particularly interesting technical and effectiveness features. Smart Clean Air solution, through an APA (Air Pollution  Abatement) device developed by the partner ISCLEANAIR, is connected to Olivetti's IoT platform and to a cloud application. The device detects the main pollutants in indoor and outdoor environments, sends the collected data to the cloud application and, being managed remotely, is able to suck up polluted air and return clean air.

The system is composed of a telemetry module that transmits the detected data to the Cloud application, an "electronic nose" consisting of sensors for the detection of particulate (PM10, IPA), heavy metals and other harmful substances, as well as a scrubber that carries out reclamation allowing to discharge pollutants (PM 10 ~ 99%) without the use of filters and without generating special waste.

Smart Clean Air requires low frequency maintenance, has very limited power consumption and is particularly suitable for industrial environments, offices or factories, as well as for busy outdoor areas, such as railway and underground stations, shopping malls or bus stops.

Throughout the G7, three APA Smart Clean Air systems will operate near Le Ninfe parking at Giardini Naxos, used as a transit and exchange center for transfers from and to the historic city of Taormina and the airports of Catania and Sigonella  Delegates, media and participants in the G7 Summit have the opportunity of learning about an advanced technology to the service of the population and the environment. The device also incorporates a multimedia screen providing information on logistics, transfers and scheduled events during the G7 works.