Presentation of the new Olivetti Digital School technological centre at Rome Cup 2018

Olivetti, wholly owned subsidiary, announces the launch of Olivetti Scuola Digitale, a single offer uniting hardware and software solutions for schools and teaching aimed at supporting the world of education and learning during digital transformation.

Olivetti CEO, Riccardo Delleani, at Rome Cup 2018 commented: “Olivetti Scuola Digitale was born with the mission of introducing and guiding use of digital technologies in education, from primary schools through to the academic institutions, rationalising and recombining all Olivetti group activities currently addressing the education sector.

Michele Riela, company CEO, added: “The synergy between technological services and products make Olivetti Scuola Digitale a leading edge proposal for supporting teaching and learning methods, with the capacity to create a more modern efficient Italian educational system, benefitting both students and teachers and also, more widely, all institutions interested in instruction and the use of innovative digital teaching methods.

The wide Olivetti Scuola Digitale offer includes:

  • Scuolabook, a single multi-editor platform for managing school e-books in Italy, created and managed 100% by Olivetti Scuola Digitale;
  • Scuolabook Network, digital didactics platform accessible via the web offering flexible solutions for use in teaching. Principal functions include integration of digital text books; creation and sharing of materials, courses and task assignment; creation of workgroups for shared teamwork; skill mapping and assessment;
  • Online training courses and school-work alternation, provided by Scuolabook Network aimed at helping teachers and pupils acquire digital skills;
  • Microninja, a child-friendly computer designed to introduce young children to coding in a fun simple way (age range 8 to 13 years). This low cost tool can be used at home and school to gain basic IT and programming skills, permitting safe net surfing and access to all PC functionalities from the convenience of a home TV; 
  • ORobot101, robotics kit, produced also using the 3D printer, helps students on the learning path to acquiring new technological skills. Based on a multidiscipline approach, this solution combines the power of Cloud Robotics with the versatility of numerically-controlled machines to allow young children to come into contact with the world of coding and making.
  • Oliboard, multimedia interactive whiteboards (MIW), lessons can be adapted to all teaching requirements using web-supplied content in the form of digital books and resources. Olivetti digital whiteboards allow educators to skip immediately from high level to detailed views, maintaining high the concentration of students on both wider contexts and more complex details.
  • 3D DESK Printer, designed and built specially for schools, universities and the professional sphere, this compact 3D printer offers optimum performance and great reliability.