At the “Trento Smart City” event (from 10th to 15th September), Olivetti presents its IoT Smart Clean Air project for monitoring air quality and drastically cutting the amount of particulate matter present in highly frequented zones.

Digital pole of the TIM Group, Olivetti demonstrates substantial skills in Industry 4.0, one example being its Smart Clean Air project with particularly interesting technical features and efficiency levels. The Smart Clean Air solution connects to the Olivetti IoT platform and a Cloud application through an APA (Air Pollution Abatement) device, detecting the main pollutants present in indoor and outdoor environments. The data collected is sent to the Cloud application which, via remote control, extracts the polluted air replacing it with clean new air.

The system consists of a telemetry module for transmitting the data detected to the Cloud application. With an “electronic nose” composed of sensors for detecting particulate matter (PM10, IPA), heavy metals and other damaging substances and a scrubber for restoring pristine operating conditions, it is able to obtain drastic reductions in pollutants (PM 10-99%) without the need for filters or generating hazardous waste.

Smart Clean Air, with its low frequency maintenance operations and modest energy consumption, is ideal for employment in industrial environments, factories and offices and equally apt for high concentration areas such as railway stations, tube stations, shopping centres and bus-stops.