Olivetti, digital hub of the TIM Group, takes part in the Technology Hub at MiCo Fieramilanocity from 20th to 22nd April with its 3D printers, in particular with new prototypes of its leading-edge “3D IoT” models.

Levering on the latest electronics, and developed in collaboration with Italian companies Gimax3D and GH Enterprise, the next-generation “3D IoT” models will offer optimised performance in terms of printing speed and finishing quality. They will also support remote connectivity and management through integrated Wi-Fi and geographic connections to mobile networks via TIM Machine2Machine SIMs directly managed by Olivetti.

3D printers therefore evolve within the Internet of Things perspective, becoming to all effects connected devices able to receive remote commands and transmit information on printing jobs in progress and general printer operational status. This evolution – unprecedented for the typology and market segment to which Olivetti 3D printers belong – supports a number of functionalities and advanced services including: printing parameter remote setup and updating, also with printing active; remote print launch also with remote uploading of print file; printing progress monitoring with acquistion of overall printer usage data, serving also for maintenance planning and remote diagnostics of any functional anomalies; finally, printer remote accessibility and management - a decisive enabling factor for the development of cloud printing services, activatable in on-demand mode on cloud platforms. This could potentially lead to an increase in the use of 3D printing as a service, removing technological and economic barriers encountered by smaller sized businesses.

For the production of “3D IoT”, Olivetti is able to exploit and derive maximum profit from a number of unique elements, integrating technological and manifacturing capacities in IT with the capacity to control the TLC components thanks to direct management of the platform on which M2M SIM operation is based. A solution that allows remote printer connections to be established in a secure efficent way without the necessity to interact with the internal network of the company exploiting the printing service. This represents also an enabling component for accessing the incentives in the “Piano Industria 4.0”, included in the Italian Stability Law of 2017.

Other Olivetti 3D printers models present boast an already strong position on the market such as the 3D S2 printer, a reliable large-dimension printer with high-performance and rapid prototyping, ideal for use in manufacturing SMEs. The 3D DESK, on the other hand, is a safe compact desktop printer designed for teaching environments and professional firms.