Olivetti cash registers have been recognized by small and medium businesses in Turkey for more than 30 years with their reliability and quality. By partnering with Panaroma Bilişim Teknolojileri (PBT) in Turkey, Olivetti cash registers will re-enter the cash register market much stronger.

Cash registers in Turkey are being renewed

Within the scope of action plan against shadow economy, it was decided that all fiscal cash registers and fiscal POS devices (subject to law 3100) throughout the country will be replaced with next generation (identified by the general communique 426 under Tax Procedure Law), technologically advanced and more skilful devices.

2 million cash registers to be replaced

This transformation means that nearly 2 million cash registers will have to be replaced with next generation devices. PBT, a cash register company and Olivetti teamed up to deliver the best in class, state of the art next generation cash registers to ease out the transition phase. The outcome of this collaboration is Olivetti PBT900 next generation fixed cash registers. A launch event was held on 6 May at Istanbul Feriye Restaurant for the introduction of Olivetti next generation cash registers. “Thanks to this transformation, our new cash registers will be the right hand of businesses” said

Burak Ceylaner, the Managing Director of Panaroma Bilişim;

“With Olivetti PBT900, businesses in Turkey will be able to match the new requirements without the necessity to re-create their existing order from scratch while enjoying additional income opportunities.”

Olivetti PBT900 next generation cash registers promise a great deal of advantages for businesses

Cash register owners who use bank POS devices will be able to keep using the same POS device when they purchase Olivetti PBT900. Businesses, which work only by cash, will not have to pay higher fees for new devices with POS features. All in all, the cost of ownership and usage of our next generation cash registers will be more beneficial for businesses regardless of their preference to use bank POS devices. Olivetti next generation cash registers will support many value added applications and they will also allow businesses to generate extra income and to experience mass oriented marketing opportunities through various digital applications. Already compliant with e-invoice, e-archive and e-state applications, the device also can be integrated with sectoral applications like pharmacy, retail and parking services.

Inspired by the feedback particularly from Turkish customers

“For more than 30 years, we have been the provider of the most reliable cash registers to our Turkish customers” said Aldo Pirronello, Olivetti Executive Vice President. “The inspiration behind our new products line comes from the deeply rooted relationship with our customers in Turkey. “Their feedback was the main inspiration behind the design of our products. We will be committed to provide this flagship Olivetti product all around Turkey. We are delighted to be part of a new era, which will allow us to strengthen the cooperation of Olivetti with our Turkish customers.”

3,000 dealers and over 300 service points

Olivetti next generation cash registers will be introduced to cash register taxpayers throughout the country in more than 3.000 BSH (Bosch, Siements and Profilo) dealers. Burak Ceylaner from PBT added these to say: “With Olivetti brand, BSH has been holding the 35% share of cash register market for long years as a national distribution channel. We are committed to retain the same amount of market share in this transformation phase. Olivetti cash registers will be the only devices to have a nationwide distribution channel. By providing service deliveries with more than 300 service points, we will make sure that our customers in Turkey to make the best of their Olivetti next generation cash registers.”

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About Panaroma Bilişim

Having operated in cash register industry, Panaroma Bilişim is among the cash register suppliers approved and authorized by the Ministry of Finance in Turkey. With a goal to become one of the top 3 cash register company in Turkey in 3 years, PBT embraces the mission to sustain long term customer satisfaction with reliable and good quality products while providing its value added solutions to other countries in the region.

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About Olivetti

Olivetti is an information technology player with a century-long tradition of research and innovation. Since August 2003, it has been part of the Telecom Italia Group. Headquartered in Ivrea (Turin), Olivetti offers products and services for SMEs and the RETAIL sectors, and solutions for Large Corporate Customers. Its 2013 revenues totalled 265,4 million euro, with international sales accounting for 41,5%. At 31 December 2013 the company had 682 employees and a direct sales organisation and indirect network of dealers and distributors in 50 countries.

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