Yesterday Olivetti presented to the Trade Unions a plan for the restructuring and relaunch of the company based on the new 2015--2017 Industrial Plan focused on a radical transformation of the company through the project for the merger of the company with Telecom Italia Digital Solutions (TIDS) which will give life to a single Telecom Italia Centre which will oversee innovation in digital technology and the verticals of strategic interest.

Olivetti and Telecom Italia Digital Solutions are already today, for the Telecom Italia Group, the main centres of ICT oversight for innovative components. In particular, in the Business segment:

  • Olivetti oversees the creation of specialised hardware solutions and is undergoing a progressive integrated digital solutions repositioning;
  • TIDS focuses on the upper part of the ICT value chain, promoting the creation and development of PaaS (Platform as a Service), Cloud for SMEs and M2M/IoT (Machine to Machine/Internet of Things) solutions.


The Olivetti Industrial Plan is divided into two main phases:

  1. restructuring of Olivetti in 2015;
  2. merger by incorporation of TIDS and launch of the new company structure («New Olivetti»).


The staff of Olivetti currently comprises 538 resources. The restructuring plan envisages around 230 people moving to Telecom Italia whilst another 70 or so will be assigned voluntarily to outplacement or early retirement and the remaining 230 workers, as mentioned, will join the New Olivetti.

In industrial terms, following the merger with TIDS, "New Olivetti" will develop a separate positioning of competences in digital, in particular for SMEs. The plan will be further discussed with the trade Unions.