Olivetti has confirmed its participation at the Ciab Febraban, one of the most important Financial and Technology sector events in Latin America; the Ivrea-based company, part of the Telecom Italia Group, has been a leading player on the ICT market for more than 100 years with a customer portfolio that includes major banks and financial institutions worldwide.

Sustained by this experience, Olivetti now proposes a complete portfolio of leading products and solutions in the Banking, Insurance and Service Companies sectors. In addition to products for the digitization of hard-copy documents such as the innovative Oliscan 600 scanner, the company will also be showcasing a range of application solutions including:

1) Digitization of documents for front-office capture of handwritten biometric signatures, essential where written form is required and other types of biometric authentication cannot be used. The solution supports a latest generation signature pad that permits display of all the pages of the document prior to signature on the same device (therefore, not only acquisition of a simple signature) and is, therefore, essential for the signature of contracts. It supports all types of devices: mobile tablets (with all Operating Systems: Android, W8, IOS) and desktop signature pads of various manufacturers. Olivetti also proposes a specific line of desktop signature pads, the offshoot of its experience in managing projects of leading banks. The solution is specifically mentioned in the April 2015 Forrester Research report ("Brief: Four Predictions for Europe E-Signature Adoption") for its compliance with international regulations.

2) Document Management solutions with technological features tailored to the requirements of financial institutions, for operators wishing to implement their own platform in order to provide clients with Cloud Services without having to acquire platform and engine expertise, therefore concentrating on the implementation and design of the document workflows of their clients (2013 EEEEE Electronic Excellence Evolution Ethic Efficiency award for the best ECM in the banking environment).

3) Mobile POS: a modular Hardware and Software solution for electronic card-based mobile payment using own tablet or smartphone that can be easily integrated with other mobile sales apps, enriching and completing these with payment capabilities. The mPOS terminal accepts all types of payment cards in the same way as a conventional POS and complies with the same international standards (EMV, PCI PTS, CB2). It connects to the tablet or smartphone via Bluetooth and uses the tablet’s or smartphone’s data or Wi-Fi connection. It manages the entire payment cycle and digitizing of the transaction receipt at source.

4) Field Process Tracking: this innovative modular solution for certification of the data of in-field operational processes based on a multimedia content management platform and NFC technology targets in particular companies that require precise monitoring of activities involving assets/persons and compliance with specific procedures (technical, safety, administrative, etc.). The solution can be furnished on an SaaS basis or installed in house.