14-18 March 2016
Stand D29 – Hall 2

Olivetti confirms its participation at Cebit – the most important exhibition dedicated to the IT sector in Europe – to present its innovative digitally-based offer of products and services, including:

Field Process Tracking, an application suite for companies needing to monitor and certify their own activities with respect to determinate procedures, whether these be of technical, security, administrative or other types. The solution, based on a multimedia content management platform and on NFC technology, can be delivered as a service (SaaS) or installed on the customer site. In particular, with regards to the banking sector, the Field Process Tracking platform can be used for verifying branch surveillance activities by security services.

Olivetti Signature Toolkit (O.S.T.): conforming to the European directive for Advanced Electronic Signatures, this solution supports both mobile scenarios, where the signature is added to a mobile tablet, and non-mobile scenarios, where it is added to a PC-connected signature pad. The Olivetti Signature Toolkit is a multi-vendor platform: it supports mobile tablets running on all the most widely used Operating Systems (Android, W8, IOS), and signature pads of different manufacturers.

OliBox, the innovative cloud solution created by Olivetti for managing all types of documents, files and other kinds of information through efficient, universal searches and archival procedures with security guaranteed. It’s able to archive and index all types of documents making them instantly accessible when needed. As a result of Olivetti’s intensive research into Big Data innovative technology, OliBox delivers high performance, security, guaranteed content replication and high reliability.

IM2M Smart, the first integrated solution for M2M SIM, mobile data connectivity and SIM management, allowing companies to manage their SIM M2M resources flexibly and efficiently. The service is based on the JASPER Control Center platform, a worldwide leader in the Internet of Things (IoT) market, directly integrated and connected with the TIM mobile network and with CRM Business systems.

IOT Smart, the Olivetti cloud-based solution that allows the development of Internet of Things solutions for managing remotely heterogeneous Smart Objects (sensors, actuators, modules) without being tied to certain communications protocols or networks to be used for connecting to the service platform. loT application solutions can be created using any communications networks and technologies (cellular, wireless and proximity).

Smart Agriculture, solution based on a cloud platform that offers companies a complete set of tools and information for precision controlling, comfortably from a PC or tablet, the factors playing a vital role in determining the health of a plant, irrigation requirements and climatic conditions. In this way activities can be managed better and any interventions necessary carried out in a precise, timely way.