TIM in partnership with Olivetti announce the release of a vast range of innovative services dedicated to Internet of Things enabled by last generation NarrowBand IoT (NB-IoT) technology, which represents another step in the evolution of the TIM network towards 5G. The expansion of TIM NB-IoT connectivity to cover the whole of Italy empowers businesses operating in the most diverse production areas and local PA authorities to adopt solutions in Smart City, Smart Metering and Smart Agriculture contexts, and Industry 4.0 applications for Smart Logistics and Smart Factory.

Through NB-IoT-based solutions, radio transmitting devices with extremely low power consumption can be installed which have the capacity for functioning uninterrupted for periods in excess of 10 years. These devices can be connected for secure, reliable communications, even in locations notorious for difficult coverage such as manholes, basements, cellars and garages.

Thanks to NB-IoT, provision of primary services such as gas, water and electricity, can be rendered more efficient and reliable, improvements obtained in environmental conditions through air quality monitoring, more sustainable life styles promoted through heat consumption monitoring, and smart city solutions implemented such as car park management.

Since 2017, TIM and Olivetti have been pioneers in Italy, running live field experiments using NB-IoT technology - deploying the first smart water metering system for automatically communicating consumption data - followed by a further primacy in Italy with launching of the service onto the market. The two companies have long perfected NB-IoT services with systems - already live for gas metering and water metering - and development of a portfolio of solutions destined to become more and more complete to satisfy all demands of private citizens, businesses and town administration departments.

Already today, for example, the companies Italgas and AS Reti count among satisfied customers using the NB-IoT services provided by TIM and Olivetti.

All of this has been made possible due to specialised centres of innovation such as TIM IoT Open Lab in Turin and the Business Innovation Centre in Catania, which allow testing of end-to-end functioning of chipsets and smart devices, and creation of an ecosystem of partners for supporting commercial services with the involvement of over 200 realities from businesses through to local authorities.

 « Thanks to NB-IoT solutions, new “smart” services can be developed for the purpose of improving people's lives, enabling also companies and PA to incorporate innovation and efficiency into their processes, entailing total rethinking. TIM continues to invest in the transition towards 5G, engaging high level partners and solutions so as to offer advanced all-inclusive services able to guarantee security and interoperability», comments Mario di Mauro, TIM hief Innovation & Customer Experience Officer.

 «Olivetti is ready with M2M and IoT platforms – confirmed Antonio Cirillo, Olivetti Chief Executive Officer – to offer clients new services with the ability to exploit fully the potentiality of NarrowBand IoT technology, capillary cover and efficiency arising from the use of devices and sensors designed ad-hoc.  Olivetti aims to assume the role as reference point for Internet of Things on the Italian market, and our clients are already appreciating the reliability of the networks provided by the TIM Group and our specialised skills in digital services ».