If it is a known fact that electronic billing can facilitate relations between businesses and the PA, the only initial obstacle is the cost for integration with the corporate software, particularly for small and medium enterprises.

Olivetti (100% owned by Telecom Italia) offers itself as an intermediary in accordance with the law for both private businesses and the public administration, with a cloud solution for electronic billing, based on the consolidated computerisation platform Hub Documentale Olivetti (HDO) and provided through the Italian Cloud of Telecom Italia.
The function is simple: the invoices issued by the business management system are sent to the Olivetti platform and, if necessary, if non-compliant, transformed into digital format in accordance with the rules laid down by the legislation. The solution is not a piece of software but rather a cloud service, available immediately and which zeros the initial costs for the adaptation of the business infrastructure.

Digital invoicing by Nuvola Store

Telecom Italia has also launched the new Digital Invoicing service, which enables professionals and small businesses to adjust to the legislation obliging all public administrations to accept and pay only electronic invoices. This solution is developed in collaboration through the cloud marketplace of digital services, the Telecom Italia Nuvola Store

What does it enable? With this service, electronic invoices can be created, issued and stored for all PAs, and invoices compiled, managed and tracked along with notifications of the Tax Authority Interchange System, by means of a user-friendly web interface also available from mobile devices.

The Digital Invoicing service, which is being promoted until 31 March at the starting price of 6.5 euros per month, is available in four different profiles, designed to suit the various different needs and which also include a offer dedicated to chartered accountants. It can be purchased by debit to a Telecom Italia account or by credit card.

The service completes the range offered by Telecom Italia in relation to electronic billing, which also includes a solution for medium/large enterprises named Nuvola IT Paperless Flow.