BLM Technologies and Olivetti, a leading international supplier of business solutions for the banking, retail and transportation industries, announced today they will continue their partnership that recognizes BLM Technologies as the principal Olivetti sales, marketing, repair and distribution partner in the United States.

The strategic alliance between these two companies was created in 2008 for the purpose of presenting Olivetti’s business solutions to the banking and financial sectors in the United States. These solutions include passbook systems as well as industry-leading scanner and printer hardware that allow end users to minimize integration overhead and complement their software applications.

“We are pleased to continue this highly-valued partnership with Olivetti in this capacity,” stated Kevin Flaherty, BLM President and CEO. “Olivetti has demonstrated over time their commitment to provide the best-in-class solutions to its customers. The opportunity to provide Olivetti products and software allows us to better serve our customers with solutions that enhance their business operations.”

Commenting on the alliance, Olivetti Chief Operating Officer Fabrizio Grattarola said “We support a wide range of customers throughout the world. BLM Technologies has done a tremendous job of identifying a market niche and offering flexible solutions to the market. We see this partnership as an opportunity for both companies to better serve their respective clients with Olivetti’s innovative solutions.”