The project levers on use of the E-learning platform Scuolabook Network developed by Alfabook.

Olivetti participates in the innovative experimental programme Websport 3.60 for student athletes enabling them to reconcile academic demands with competitive sports. The initiative was presented today at the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (MUIR) and is promoted by the same Ministry in partnership with the Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI), the Italian Football League Serie A and the Italian Paralympic Committee (CIP) together with Alfabook, a company of Olivetti - TIM Group. Addressing high-school level students at secondary schools participating in sports at competitive level, the objective of this experimentation is to stem the heavy school drop-out rate affecting this category of young people through the integration of flexible teaching methodologies pursuant to Italian M.D. 935/2015.

In concrete terms, Institutes will have at their disposition a complete experimental programme exploiting flexible, personalised teaching methodologies, supported by school and sports Tutors, and integrated with the use of digital tools such as the E-learning platform Scuolabook Network provided by Alfabook.

In the customised version of Scuolabook Network designed ad-hoc for the project, a virtual school can be created in which student athletes follow a portion of their academic syllabus also through distance learning, acquiring the skills necessary for their personal study programme.

A platform leader on the Italian market, Web-access Scuolabook Network provides teachers with different teaching tools. Principal functions include integration of digital textbooks; creation and sharing of materials, coursework, quizzes and task assignments; creation of work groups based on a sharing-teamwork approach; mapping and assessment of skills. The result is a learning environment providing teachers with all the tools necessary for planning and assessment.

As pointed out by Roberto Murgia, Alfabook CEO, the project Scuolabook “was designed with the idea of simplifying teaching methods, allowing them to reach students wherever they may be. We are therefore delighted to place our platform at the service of the young champions of tomorrow, and of their teachers. Our participation in the project confirms the commitment of the TIM Group to developing and promoting innovative technological solutions able to support the process of digitalisation in schools". 

Rome, 8th February 2017