Technischer Kundendienst

Technischer Kundendienst

Technical Assistance and Integrated Logistics

The Department plays as an end-to-end integrator in the domain of Technical Assistance and Integrated Logistics solutions, operating as a single point of reference - and local coordination - to manage on line, remote and on-site services, system support, tailored logistics and Warranty Management.

Technical Assistance services, available on more than 3.500.000 different types of equipment, are offered through a special unit guaranteeing central technical support, determination and coordination of assistance procedures and methods, resource training, technological platform, call assessment and dispatching, coordination of local Assistance Centers for repair/refurbishing, administrative and logistics planning and control. 

The Technical Assistance unit is composed of 3 macro zones (North, Centre, South), to coordinate operations, 12 primary Technical Assistance Centres and 138 Service Points around the country, employing  a network of specialized technicians. 
The entire management process for calls, operations and logistics is constantly monitored through issue and application of procedures, resolution of anomalies, certification of service quality and application of measures to maintain and improve quality.
Moreover, the structure adopts Inventory Management tools to manage customers' stocks and guarantee the correct Warranty Management, monitoring repair and refurbishing services managed by selected partners all over Italy and Europe.


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