3D Druck

3D Druck

3D Printing - Olivetti 3D Printer choice high tecnology with dual Extruder

The S2 is the Olivetti’s first 3D printer, specifically targeted to the SME Market in Italy and abroad. The Olivetti S2 stands out with one of the broadest 3d print areas in its category, with mechanical and electronic quality up to industrial standards, and with its great flexibility in creating objects with any kind of plastic, out of which resin and nylon represent the main elements of differentiation on the 3d printer market. By virtue of 3D printing specifications and the guarantee of a brand like Olivetti, always setting Italian ICT, including numerous 3d printers in the market, Olivetti S2 is the ideal answer to the needs of SMEs involved in the process transformation towards the digital factory.

3d Printer by Olivetti: technology for the realization of your prototypes

3d printer processing for the creation of prototypes is a perfect solution for the realization of models in the design and industrial field. The 3D printing allows very quickly to build models thanks to a moveable head that sprays the dust like a printer inkjet. The glue dries quickly and you get the 3d printer prototypes that will be then processed with a heat treatment that makes them look better. There are several 3D printers on the Market. Many of them are considered D.I.Y. (Do-it-yourself). Olivetti thanks to its experience and technical knowledge of the industry, guarantees a unique quality with the new 3d printer Model S2. The 3d printer Olivetti S2 wants to be the new benchmark for 3D printing.


Olivetti 3D S2 Zu den Einzelheiten

3D Printer - Olivetti S2 - 3D Print reliable with dual extruder.
Olivetti 3D-S2 is the 3D printer specifically designed for small to medium-sized enterprises engaged in the digital transformation process.