Safeatwork alters the way safety management within businesses, allowing you to: 

  • Provide real-time safety information to employees
  • Request the implementation of operational procedures and safety;
  • Ensure the business conforms to current standards of workplace safety;

Safeatwork collectsgeoferenced operational data readings (integrated with Google maps); it produces data streams in support of presence detection and process planning

Safeatwork also offers the ability to set alarms on individual transactions or sequences, such as sequences of operations carried out lawfully but too quickly in comparison to the planned/expected time for a given system

The system’s interface integrates with management policy: assets and work orders can be acquired with automatic flows. Alternatively, you can create and manage work orders and the allocation of tasks through the dedicated web-console.

Service features:

  • It is based on mobile phones equipped with NFC tags and able to run Java applications
  • Procedures are sent to devices via GSM, Wi-Fi, USB or SD card with a central application that lets you manage versions and distribute the correct procedures for target (machinery/equipment) and personnel (operator)
  • The staff, equipped with Tablets or mobile phones that interact with tags installed on machines/equipment on which they need to work, can view work orders and safety procedures
  • Safety procedures are displayed as customizable multimedia content consisting of text, audio, video, and images
  • The management and monitoring of the service are made possible through a centralized web console

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