Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services

Managed Print Service is a complete print infrastructure management model. It consists of a large catalogue of b/w and color printers and multifunctional products to form the printer peripheral infrastructure; these devices are flanked by a series of software tools addressing the needs of SMEs and large corporate users, which measure and then cut costs through an infrastructure analysis and optimization process. 
A variety of tools and software packages addressed to business multifunziones and to keep under control the costs of management. 


Remote Print Accounting
RPA is a print accounting platform, based on the Equitrac software from Nuance. Combining Olivetti’s experience in Managed Print Services solutions and the considerable advantages of Equitrac, RPA is being launched with an innovative cloud-based infrastructure. Reduced installation time, quick maintenance, support and flexibility are some of the benefits offered by RPA, while maintaining data confidentiality and security. RPA has been designed to make a powerful and professional tool available to small and medium enterprises.


Scanshare is an excellent document workflow platform, with an attractive and easy user interface, that allows to create a workflow in a few steps. The workflows are customizable and contribute to save time, resources and money, thanks to the process automation of the daily work. The OCR engine can convert files in to many formats, also searchable PDF. The integration with Active Directory and the Single Sign-On features, guarantees the perfect integration of Scanshare also in an environment with network infrastructure.


All companies that want to actively manage their fleets of printers and multifunctional devices have the following targets : cost control, efficiency, security, green. These ambitious objectives can be achieved only with the advanced tools included in the Equitrac platform. User profiling with rules for print and copy, charge to cost centers, follow-you function: these are only a few examples of the available tools. Olivetti is certified as Nuance Equitrac Expert Partner.


The growth of the number of mobile devices ( smartphones / tablets ) in use is driving in parallel the growth of printed documents stored in the cloud. EveryOnePrint provides many advantages to the users, thanks to the mobile printing management first of all; thanks to the integration with the most popular users’ accounting systems it provides great advantages to the enterprises as it is possible to track the print jobs sent from mobile devices.


Rapid Assessment Key (RAKv2)
Thanks to this analysis tool, based on a USB connection, users can monitor the number and status of networked devices in real time and collect meter readings. 


Facilities Manager
Based on web technology, this easy-to-use software solution allows the management of remote multi-brand printers. 


Print Audit 6
It's a powerful suite of print management tools (3 different software packages) that helps organization to analyse and reduce cost and monitor the whole printing production.  


Olivetti Mobile Print
Is the new app for iOS and Android that lets you connect wirelessly your mobile device with compatible Olivetti printers and MFPs on your local area network. 


OliBox is the innovative cloud solution created by Olivetti for managing documents, files and any kind of information; searches and storage procedures are guaranteed through high security.

Outstanding storage and indexing capabilities allows immediate access within the search functions for many types of content (such as e-mail, reports, invoices, projects, reports, brochures, reports and also files i.e. PDF, word, excel, txt, jpeg). OliBox offers efficiency and speed, every file in fact can be searched through a specific word of interest with extreme simplicity.
OliBox offers in built OCR functions (Optical Character Recognition) which index contents of scanned or photographed documents.
Based on the innovative Big Data technology, OliBox ensures performance, security, replication of content and guarantees high reliability.

  • A single system for managing any kind of document
  • Fast-activating, user-friendly service
  • High level security for company information archiving
  • Easy access
  • Efficient universal searches

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