PR2 Plus

Specialised printer

Olivetti PR2 PLUS has been designed in different models from the entry-level version to the dual-side scanner model in order to satisfy multifunctional front-office applications. It is capable to print on all Bank forms from single-sheet and multiple-copy documents to passbooks.

  • one of the smallest and quietest models in its product class
  • superior printing speeds
  • management of all bank forms
  • magnetic-stripe reading and writing
  • single-side scanner or dual-side scanner configuration
  • dual-side colour scanning
  • ultra-fast alignment

  • extremely easy to use
  • up to 560 character/sec in VHSD
  • magnetic-stripe reading and writing, micr codeline reading (CMC7 / E13B)
  • can be configured as a single-side scanner or as a dual-side scanner for simultaneous front/back scanning on A4 formats up to 600 dpi
  • colour casing available in black or grey
  • new ink ribbon of up to 10 million characters

    The Olivetti passbook printers PR2 PLUS offer complete solutions in bank teller environments.

Product performances are referred to an appropriate use under optimal conditions. With the right to change technical specifications.

For a long time we are leader in the sector of the office products, and we continue to be it, thanks to a wide and complete offer.